Kt88 datasheet sovtek 6922

Datasheet sovtek

Kt88 datasheet sovtek 6922

They are the sovtek same tube from the same factory. Warning: Substitutes are datasheet given as a guide only kt88 - please refer to original manufacturers data datasheet sheets to 6922 ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. " Meanwhile the distortion products are lower than the 6922 but at 2/ 3 more gain ( see chart below). They are both kt88 terrific. Tube Data Sheet Locator. I am in the sovtek process of building datasheets for all the GT proprietary. Kt88 datasheet sovtek 6922. European designation is ECC88. Added benefits of sovtek the kt88 tube are that it is very quiet.

Title: 6922 Author: RCA Subject: datasheet FPCreated Date: 12/ 3/ 11: 30: 31 AM. 6DJ8 is a sovtek twin triode tube datasheet developed as RF low noise amplifier in 1958. 6DJ8/ 6922 tubes have very high conductance which makes them ideal for small signal amplification in sovtek audio and recording equipments. Sovtek says that " One would have to parallel 15 dual 12AX7- type tubes ( that' s kt88 30 sections) to get the kt88 noise voltage down to one single 6C45. Don’ t get your panties in a bunch over which is better, as the gold datasheet plating is 6922 kt88 laid over the sovtek chrome plating. 6C45- Pi Tube Data Filament voltage 6. The Sovtek 6550WE was designed to be the finest 6550 ever produced. The KT88 is stronger than a 6550 ran from the 32 so watt versions to 50 watts with.
6922/ E88CC are drop- datasheet in compatible high reliability version of 6DJ8. There are two types of 6H30 sovtek tubes currently being produced. The Sovtek brand which have the chrome pins ( listed here) the Electro Harmonix Gold pin. Thicker plates improved heat dissipation, , higher transconductance increased linearity are just some of the inherent aspects of kt88 the new Sovtek super 6550s. 6DJ8 Tubes 6DJ8 6922 ECC88.

Sovtek datasheet

The Sovtek EL84M is a rugged military issue EL84/ 6BQ5 that can withstand higher plate current than any current production EL84, and is a suitable replacement for the 7189. The noise canceling spiral filaments, thick structural mica spacers, and gold plated contact pins round out the finishing foundations that make this Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 tube the top choice for discriminating audiophile applications. Get the datasheet here, and find more information on the E88CC / 6922 here. Balanced Sovtek 12AX7LPS Preamp Tube.

kt88 datasheet sovtek 6922

The Balanced Sovtek 12AX7LPS Preamp Tube is an entirely new 12AX7 design from Sovtek and a great step up in sound quality. They have very large ribbed plates and great sound reproduction.